GSMA 将在本届 MWC 上海首次举办航空模型竞速大赛。
参与 2017 MWC 上海,体验亲临其境的速度与激情,见证无人机竞速冠军的诞生,与参赛者共享胜利的喜悦。
28th June – 1st July



MWC Shanghai is organising the Asia’s largest Indoor PFV Drone Race to tag into this trend and demonstrate the advance development of mobile technology.


28th June – 1st July (4 days)

Numbers of pilot:

Max 55 pilots

Race Schedule:


Total Prize:

50,000 RMB (7,000USD+) and Sponsored products.


Indoor Track, 40m*30m, Gate size: 1.5m width/height

Registration fee:


Quad Requirement:

1-300mm, 4S or below, 6inch props or below, LED, TBS/Tramp VTX 25mw or 200mw, TBS Antenna Numbers of pilot: Max 55


FREE to all pilots. 27th June – 1st July (5 days 4 night). 2 Single Beds per room. 2 pilots per room (randomly).


Please visit botton of the page


If I need help in China, how do I contact the organizer. Wechat : nicholas2522 Email: Whatsapp: +14038361890 Tel no: +86 17688395883

  • I’m drone racing fans/Team Manager/Translator/Family and friends, Can I watch the game in MWC?
    Yes, please contact me to obtain the entrée tickets.
  • Do I need to bring along my ground station?
    No, Team Blacksheep Clearview Racing Edition ground station will be provided in the event.
  • I would like to stay with my wife/girlfriend in the same hotel.
    Please contact me for special arrangement. Non pilots or family members require to pay for the hotel. Approximately, 80USD per day/room.
  • Any pre-caution I need to aware of? Like Lipo Battery and Quad
    Yes, I suggest all pilots do not hang your quad on your bag or luggage when passing through custom in China.
  • How many batteries can I bring? Can I buy battery in China? What brand do you offer?
    We are working with Tattu and Dinogy to help pilots during the race.
  • Do I need to bring along my LIPO Charger? China Voltage?
    Suggest to bring along with you. Limited LiPO Charger will be provided in the Venue and Hotel. China power socket output is 220V. Please google how does the power socket look like in China.
  • Can I buy FPV drone part in the MWC Drone Event?
    No cash deal in venue. But Yes, outside of the venue. All Drone manufacturers will attend the event.
  • Someone told me China airport is very restrict on LiPO Battery.
    Yes, in certain airport in China. But no to Shanghai Airport. Personally, I carried 7 LiPO battery when depart from Shanghai Airport.
  • Where can I visit in Shanghai?
    Disneyland China.
  • How many pilots per group?
    4 pilots per group.
  • Is LED compulsory? How many LED light needed in my Quad.
    We highly recommend all pilots to install LED light in their Quad. As many LED as possible.
  • I can’t access Facebook, Youtube, Twitter in China.
    Please get an international roaming data plan with your mobile courier before attending the race.
  • Can I fly in downtown or at the park in Shanghai, China?
  • Are we flying indoor, how do you solve interference issue?
    Trappy from Team Blacksheep will be onsite RF engineer.
  • Any brand VTX/Antenna restriction?
    Team Blacksheep will provide/rent VTX and antenna onsite. (300RMB deposit needed)
  • I am interested to participate your race. But I do not have have fund to cover my flight ticket.
    Please contact your sponsor for sponsorship. I have been talked to all China Drone manufacturers. They are happy to partially sponsor or subsidies all the top pilots to attend this race.
  • Can I use VISA/Mastercard/AMEX in China.
    No, most merchant in China do not accept VISA/Mastercard/AMEX. Cash or UnionPay or AliPay.
  • Is there any money changer in China.
    Legally, local Bank only.


    Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centr. (上海新国际博览中心)
    Venue Address: 2345 Longyang Rd, ShiJi GongYuan, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China, 201204
    Airport: Pudong international Airport OR Hongqiao Airport.
    Hotel Address: TBC
    Transportation: FREE Shuttle Bus transport from Hotel to Venue and Venue to Hotel


    Team XBlade Racing - Banni UK – World’s #1
    DCL #1 Team XBlade Racing - Mac FPV – Hawaii #9
    Team XBlade Racing - Gary Kent
    Dunkan – 3DX China #1
    Hawaii #10
    Dino – DCL #2 (TBC)
    Couturier – Hawaii #4
    JET FPV – DRL #1
    A_NUB - US Drone National #1
    Hawaii #12
    Cain – MultiGP #1
    Hawaii #6
    Kenneth Loo – Flite West #1
    Li HunHuang – China #1
    Hawaii #5
    Cheng Rui – China #3
    Hawaii #19
    Jinghao Lai – China #2
    Hawaii #20
    And more.


    名额有限,报完即止!Max 55 Pilots!